Kajukenbo Adult Classes

13 Years and older

In the Kajukenbo adult class, we train for all ranges of street combat, but we don't train fighters.  Our students are just normal folks who want to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones if something bad happens.  

Our curriculum includes but is not limited to: 

Verbal Judo, Defensive/Offensive Tactics, Sparring, Punch Defense, Grab Defense, Weapons Defense, Ground fighting, Bujutsu Judo, Full Contact Drills and Forms (Pinans). 


Kajukenbo Kid's Classes

5-13 Years of age

Our kids Kajukenbo curriculum is separate, but similar to our adult classes.  We stress the values of a good American citizen and emphasize the Warrior Code: we don't lie, cheat, steal or get into fights!


Absolutely the most fun that you could have while getting fit!  Come Join us Friday nights, guided by a certified Zumba instructor you will get the benefit of an cardio workout dance class.  The class is designed for ALL abilities and fitness levels.  You'll sweat, you'll dance, you'll make friends and you'll LOVE it!  The BEST part!   Your first class is absolutely FREE!  Every class thereafter is only $5!


All ages


Submission Grappling

All ages



All ages




Submission Grappling is  form of wrestling with submissions.  We offer this class because we love to roll... and because we understand the nature of street combat.  The more we train on the ground, the less likely we are to panic if or when the fight goes to the ground.  


Sifu Eric Rosky and Sibak George Davis teach our Kickboxing classes.  These classes help improve the overall physical endurance, fitness and combat readiness of our students.